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Food, Facilities & Travel

Rezayat Life Support Services is the support services division of the Group, providing multi-service capability to major companies and organizations operating in remote sites, challenging geographical locations, and on/off shore energy environments.

Rezayat Life Support Services evolved as a direct result of responding in a positive and pro-active manner to our clients' and customers' requirements. We complement Rezayat Group's national and international growth in multi-service provision contracting.

Our range of services (up to 60 in total, including technical support, supply logistics, hotel services and catering) spans industries as diverse as mining, construction, agriculture, oil and gas exploration and production as well as infrastructure development in the third world or in countries devastated by war or natural disasters. Our services are driven by our commitment to excellence as evidenced by Rezayat Life Support Services being the only Saudi Arabian support services company with accreditation to ISO 9001-2000 and affiliation to The Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene (UK).

Rezayat Life Support Services employs the best people, supports them through training and development and encourages a positive attitude that has resulted in many accolades.

Don’t take our word for it though, try our food, sleep in our hotels, utilize our people, put us to the test and experience the quality for yourself!