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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabia Office
  • Al- Khobar 31952
  • +966-13-812 3515
  • Email

RezCoat (Rezayat Protection Coatings Company Ltd.) – a member of the Rezayat Group – is a manufacturer of highest quality two-part polyurethane and polyurea as well as epoxy-based products, with quality certification ISO 9001:2008. It has been supplying protective coatings to the Saudi Arabian market and Gulf Cooperation Council countries in the Middle East since 1998. Along with its operations, RezCoat has agency agreements with Metz, Stirling Lloyd and Ion Exchange Ltd. RezCoat also has a manufacturing agreement with international coating manufacturer Winn & Coales (Denso) UK Ltd.

RezCoat offers long-term solutions to protect your assets at a great value through our wide range of specialized products and systems:

  • Polyurethane and polyurea protective coatings
  • Acid proofing, acid bricks, acid tiles & grouts
  • High chemical, abrasion & erosion resistant coatings
  • Industrial resinous, & heavy duty tile flooring
  • Specialty ceramic tiles
  • Internal & external corrosion protection on gas & oil pipelines
  • Tape wrapping lining systems
  • Off-shore oil & gas exploration and production platform coatings
  • On-shore oil & gas and petrochemical coatings
  • Special marine coatings
  • Coatings for corrosion protection of lightweight steel structures
  • Chemical tank lining systems, lining for vessel protection
  • Protection coatings for potable and waste water tanks
  • Bridge deck and structural waterproofing systems
  • Multistory car park structure protective coatings
  • Internal and external protection of chimney stacks
  • Water and water waste treatment chemicals and applications