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The Rezayat Group has developed over several generations from its original trading roots in the Orient into a major diversified international enterprise with truly global horizons. The Group's outlook has always been international, and its interests and operations extend widely across different industries, with a focus on trading, construction, support services, manufacturing, financial services and investment. Led by family principles, it has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to respond flexibly and adapt effectively to the rapid changes and opportunities which have marked the international business environment over the past three quarters of a century.

Engineering & Construction

Engineering, construction and construction management services for oil, gas, petrochemical, power and water industries, onshore and offshore, and large industrial and civil engineering projects of all types. Comprehensive, cost-effective and high quality support for power, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Investment & Insurance

Direct investment and equity participation in international ventures. Complete range of insurance services, including brokerage, loss adjustment, damage assessment, and risk management.

Industrial Services

A wide array of industrial services including off-site regeneration, recycling of spent catalysts for oil refining and industrial testing services.


Manufacture of large diameter longitudinal and spiral welded steel pipe (20 to 60 inches in diameter) for oil, gas and water transmission, and for structural applications. Steel fabrication, including pipe, pressure vessels, tanks, and structural steelwork.


Trading is an important activity of the Rezayat Group. Its principal trading operations are based in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and the Far East, with new ventures in Europe and Africa.

Logistics & Transportation

Road haulage for all types of cargo, including bulk powder, bulk liquids, heavy and oversized lifts, terminal handling and warehousing, cargo packaging, freight forwarding, ships agency, customs clearance and documentation, security transportation, equipment engineering and maintenance.

IT & Telecommunications

Specialize in various best in breed, cutting-edge technologies and solutions integration. Focus on building high end enterprise information infrastructure design by putting together tightly integrated systems that work seamlessly to service the enterprise.

Marine Services

Complete range of marine services, including management and operation of ports and oil and gas terminals, fleet charter, diving services, ships agency, pilotage, marine and offshore supply base operation, and supply of marine and safety products.

Food, Facilities & Travel

Best in Class support services division providing multi-service capability to major companies and organizations operating in remote sites. Rezayat Travel & Tourism aims at achieving a high level of customer satisfaction through accurate identification and positive response to the traveler’s need and expectation.