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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabia Office
  • Al-Khobar 31952
  • +966-13-6636150 / 6636000
  • Email

Rezayat Construction, Maintenance and Engineering, a division of Rezayat Company Limited, provides construction, operation and maintenance services on installed equipment within offices, hospitals, housing, process plants, airports and other commercial and residential properties.

Equipment repair is performed to international standards and typically includes water and waste water treatment plants, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, evaporative cooling, air conditioning, valves, mechanical and electrical motors, compressors, elevators, rotating equipment, switchgear, transformers, H V distribution lines, power generators, telephone control systems, instrumentation and other electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and electrical equipment.

The division also includes a Building and Civil Engineering Section, which is responsible for turnkey construction projects. It also provides general support services to electromechanical operation and maintenance works, including building work, carpentry, plumbing, L V electrical systems, gardening, pest control, janitorial and cleaning services, and purchasing services.

From its prime operational centers in Al Khobar, Jubail and Riyadh, the Rezayat Construction, Maintenance and Engineering Division is able to provide construction/maintenance/engineering services throughout the Kingdom and can respond effectively to emergency situations, rapidly deploying experienced engineering and support personnel to site.

Its main clients for operation and maintenance services include the private sector, the SABIC Group of Companies, government corporations and Saudi Aramco.

Our facilities maintenance services include the following:

  • Construction of residential buildings
  • Construction of factories and school buildings
  • Camp construction and maintenance
  • Construction of office complexes
  • Construction of roads, pathways and walkways
  • Equipment and appliances installation and maintenance
  • Operation of sewage treatment plants of up to 75,000 gallons capacity per day
  • Buildings maintenance

The division employs around 1,700 staff and personnel from a wide range of skills and engineering backgrounds, drawn from various parts of the world, to provide the best possible service at all times.