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  • Kuwait Office
  • Safat 13002
  • +965 24816836
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United Arab Emirates
  • United Arab Emirates Office
  • Dubai
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United States
  • United States Office
  • 4545 Bissonnet, Suite 200 / Bellaire, Texas 77401
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Rezayat Projects, from its initial inception as suppliers to government organizations, is now involved in all sectors of the oil, gas, mining and construction industries and with humanitarian projects worldwide. The company has established a strong reputation for quality, response and performance in adverse climatic, geographic and hostile locations in all corners of the world.

Rezayat Projects offers a truly global service catering for the varied needs of a wide customer base, which includes:

  • Oil and gas exploration and production companies
  • International construction companies
  • Mining exploration and production companies
  • Government and military organizations
  • Humanitarian aid agencies

Main Activities

Particular fields of specialization are:

  • Turnkey accommodation, camp supply and construction
  • Electrical power generation and distribution
  • Engineering and design related to accommodation and offices
  • Civil Engineering
  • Warehouse and general construction
  • Water storage, treatment and distribution
  • Sewage collection, containment and treatment
  • Catering and life support services
  • Project forwarding, freight logistics planning and execution
  • Vehicle and equipment supply and operation

Turnkey Camp Construction

Rezayat supplies turnkey camp installations in all geographical areas of the world. Varying specifications enable the camps' designs to be adapted to suit any climatic conditions, from tropical to Arctic, from temperatures in excess of 49 degrees centigrade to below minus 40 degrees centigrade. Rezayat's in-house management team can design camp facilities to suit all locations, budgets and climatic conditions. Into this design can be incorporated a number of fully equipped variants including:

  • Dormitory accommodation & senior management apartments
  • Showers, toilets, ablution units
  • Laundries, first aid & medical units (including wards)
  • Warehouses & maintenance workshops
  • Kitchens with diners
  • Recreation units
  • Office modules
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Water purification and distribution & waste containment and treatment

This complete management service can include one or all of the following:

  • Camp maintenance service, including spares supply
  • House keeping services
  • Medical services, including medical evacuation
  • Laundry service for both camp requirement and personnel
  • Janitorial services
  • Site security services

Project Forwarding and Freight Logistics, Planning and Execution

Freight logistics is an integral part of the Rezayat Projects service, provided by in-house specialists. Experience has enabled Rezayat to enhance its reputation for rapid response and reliability, ensuring that the product arrives on time and in a satisfactory condition. Rezayat has concluded a number of freight logistical consultancy reports for remote site oil and gas clients.

Rezayat exports over 150,000 containers by sea per year in support of its operations and those of its clients, and over 3,000 tons of air cargo on commercial carriers. In addition to the use of commercial sea and air carriers, Rezayat has the ability, knowledge and experience to combine the use of private charters into its operations. Rezayat also makes extensive use of cargo aircraft on varied world routes, from a Hercules C-130 to the largest civilian transport plane in the world, the Antonov 124. It has the ability to manage chartered air cargo movements, with a Rezayat Manager accompanying every flight. Rezayat regularly voyages and time charters deep-sea tonnage for deadline deliveries by sea. A typical consignment can measure over 3000 freight tons. Rezayat has chartered over 30 aircraft within the last 12 months in support of its operations. Rezayat can be fairly described as an international door-to-door specialist.

Vehicle Supply

Thanks to our special relations with many of the world's leading vehicle suppliers, and with the ability to access the vast Middle Eastern vehicle market, Rezayat can offer a unique rapid deployment vehicle selection and supply service.

Equipment Supply

Through a worldwide network of known quality suppliers, Rezayat is active and effective in the rapid supply of the following:

  • Oilfield and construction related equipment and spares
  • Industrial equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Automotive spares
  • Workshop equipment and tools
  • Building materials and finishes
  • Work wear and safety equipment
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Dry and frozen foodstuffs
  • Manpower supply services
  • Sponsorship services