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United Kingdom
  • Rezayat Investments Company
  • 52 Mount St, London W1K 2SF
  • +44-20-7499 6171
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Rezayat Investments Company (RIC), architects and implements a global, diversified investment program both through third-party managers and on a direct basis. The general mandate is to diversify the financial assets outside Arabian Gulf market with a long-term/ generational investment horizon.

Third-Party Managers

RIC maintains a comprehensive investment program with third-party managers, spanning primarily, but not exclusively, long public equity, hedge fund and private equity fund managers. Portfolio construction and security selection rests with the managers and we are focused on integrity, alignment and performance. Commitment amounts and allocations generally scale proportionately with their potential strategic importance for the Group.

Direct Investments

RIC opportunistically identifies and invests in direct securities both public and private. Examples include seed-stage technology, growth capital digital media, emerging markets’ real estate, protein-play agriculture and forestry. The philosophical hallmarks of integrity, alignment and performance with our partners remain the same.


The group also stewards and grows in property, predominantly in residential investments. The objective is long-term capital appreciation with short-term rental providing running yield.