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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabia - Riyadh Office
  • Riyadh 11421
  • +966-11-477 7061
  • Email
  • Saudi Arabia - Jeddah Office
  • Jeddah 21452
  • +966-12-661 1333
  • Email
  • Saudi Arabia - Al-Khobar Office
  • Al-Khobar 31952
  • +966-13-6636000
  • Email

Rezayat Trading's objective is to provide quality products for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, utilities and the private sector from our network of worldwide offices, through principals who are market leaders in their sector.

Rezayat's Commercial Division is based in Al Khobar with branch offices in Riyadh and Jeddah. The offices are staffed by an experienced multinational sales force of civil, electrical, and mechanical and chemical engineers, supported by branch offices in the USA, UK, Kuwait, UAE, and the Far East. Rezayat undertakes the vital role of representing principals in trading activities to meet the requirements of our clients in various sectors of the Saudi Arabian marketplace.

Rezayat's Commercial Division possesses wide and varied experience in the representation of reputable manufacturers and service providers, and can offer a complete procurement and supply service for a wide range of oilfield equipment and materials, including marine protection testing, corrosion protection, wireline and completion, mud engineering, pipe inspection, cementing, coil tubing drilling, conventional coil tubing, acidizing, fracturing, nitrogen services, pollution control, mechanical, electrical, architectural, civil and water technology products.

Among the principals we represent in Saudi Arabia are:


Metz Specialty Materials PTY LTD

  • Acid proofing and industrial flooring products
  • Specialty ceramic tiles


SFC Umwelttecnik GmbH

  • Specialized in water engineering & wastewater treatment processes


Winco Comércio Internacional Ltda.

  • Freight car and locomotive components & industrial castings


Sangnam Tarps

  • A wide selection of tarps and tarpaulins


Howden Denmark

  • Custom engineered axial flow fans for power generation and mining applications

Frese A/S

  • Automatic flow control
  • Easy commissioning


Howden BC Compressors

  • Burton Corblin reciprocating compressor

Howden France

  • Fans, heat exchangers, compressors & aftermarket services


ADAMS armaturen GmbH

  • Tight shut-off-valves, control-valves, throttle-valves, check valves

Berthold Technologies

  • Radioactive level and density measuring instruments

Frezelit Werke GmbH

  • Fabric, metal and rubber expansion joints

HEKO Ketten GmbH

  • Chains & sprockets for bucket elevators

IST Anlagenbau GmbH - Solar sewage sludge drying systems

Richter Pumps & Valves

  • PFA/PTFE lined pumps and valves


Flotek International

  • High pressure & temperature rating valves and engineering products


Cameron Flow Control

  • Choke valves

IDEX Corporation

  • Blagdon air-operated double diaphragm pumps


Gruppo Aturia

  • Centrifugal and canned motor pumps

Omac di Consonni

  • Overhead and underground cables laying equipment


Samsung Techwin

  • Oil-free centrifugal air & gas compressors



  • Consultancy services for power generation, electricity transmission & distribution
  • Rising stem ball valves, double block and bleed plug valves
  • Axial flow valves for severe applications
  • Swirl valves

Howden Netherlands

  • Design and supplier of industrial cooling fans

Flow Technology

  • Desiccant air dryers and filtration, refrigeration air dryers



  • Pipeline intrusion detection systems & monitoring activities

Transkor Holding

  • Magnetic tomography the pipelines


Jiwa Industries Pte Ltd.

  • Manufacturer of rubber expansion joints


Howden Spain

  • Manufacturer of replacement elements for all type of regenerative air preheaters & gas-gas heaters

United Kingdom

Allied Insulators

  • HT, LT, EHT insulators

Bridon Intrenational Ltd.

  • Synthetic fibre robes, marine fenders


  • Gate, check, globe, butterfly and HVAC bronze and cast iron valves

Viking Johnson

  • Couplings, adapters, dismantling joints and other accessories for pipe jointing systems

Delta Controls

  • High quality temperature and pressure measurement instruments

Doncasters Paralloy

  • Manufacturer of high allow cast tube & coil assemblies for use in high temperatures
  • Petrochemical furnaces, including ethylene, refinery, methanol and fertilizer applications
  • Steel coatings

ERIKS International

  • Friction belt drives, synchronous belt drives, chain drives

FM Sudafix

  • Earthing & lightning protection material

Howden Process Compressors

  • Screw compressor packaged systems and turbo blowers

Howden UK

  • Axial and centrifugal fans, blowers & rotary heat exchanger

Lloyd's Register

  • Assess systems, assets and facilities to help improve quality and increase safety

P.C. Richard & Son

  • Flare stack maintenance & tip replacement
  • Chimney construction, demolition, inspection & maintenance
  • Aircraft warning lights installation & maintenance
  • NDT & ultrasonic inspection
  • Industrial coating specialists
  • Guy wires inspection and replacement

Pharos Marine

  • Port and harbor lighting systems and buoys

Silver Fox

  • Cable labeling, wire markers, cable software

Stirling Lloyd

  • Coatings for new and existing concrete, steel and brick structures for potable water a sewage applications


  • Marine and industrial oil spill and pollution control equipment

Weflo Valve Company Ltd.

  • Valves and associated pipeline products

Denso Ltd

  • Pipe wrap, protective coatings for onshore and offshore applications

United States


  • Industrial equipment and supplies

Membrane Technology & Research

  • Nitrogen purification & hydrocarbon recovery systems


  • Air brake system for railway equipment

WATTS Industries

  • Product range: backflow protection devices, check, safety relief, automatic control, shut-off and other valves


C.R.I. Pumps

  • Pumps, pumping equipment, controls and accessories